Nowra based handplane and sharpening guru Jiim Davey produces his own shooting board which offers effective and versatile usage.

The JD Medium Shooting Board is 400mm long and available with standard masonite or with the Veritas track.

The fence can be used for planing the edges of box or drawer sides so they are all exactly the same size, or can be removed for planing endgrain. The stop is set with a precision square. The boards are sloped upwards so the blade doesn’t lift the job of the board (as can happen in downward sloping boards) and to use more of the width of the blade.

The shooting boards are sealed with shellac and masonite tracks and are waxed ready for use. They are Ideal for use with the Veritas shooting planes but however Stanley shooting planes as well as bench planes and low angle jacks suit this design as well.

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