Review by Raf Nathan

If you want a Greene and Greene type look or just need to cover some dowel or screw heads then these Veritas square punches are the thing.

Very well made from steel with a nicely ground and honed edge you simply position the punch where needed and hit the end with a hammer.

The punch is hollow so you can slide in a drill bit to clear some of the waste then continue hammering to about 9mm depth. Clear out waste with a small chisel and the square hole is ready for your workshop made plug. Made in two pieces that screw together, the shank is apparently a softer metal to absorb hammer hits.

One point to note is that even though I used a 1⁄2” punch I needed to make a 13mm (1⁄2” – 12.5mm) plug to achieve a good clean fit.

Veritas from

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