Jack Taylor, Xylem plus Phloem Console (Student Awards 2017)

AWARDED BEST DESIGN 2017 My table is a take on how you can not only create a table that is functional, but also can be designed to the extreme to create an unusual, satisfying and yet 'simple' looking project. However this is one of the most complex tables I've ever created. The legs alone are tapered on four different angles on each face in each half all being between double and quadruple compound cuts, to the point where it moves off its centre axis. The 'honeycomb' feature on the table top that wraps around, took months of designing and a whole 11 weeks to finally create the last prototype of the 15 total. Overall, it was an incredible project that I loved creating, and whilst everything went wrong at some point, I think the console turned out how I had designed it at the beginning and taught me a lot about problem solving. I have also just found out that I received Intech as well as Shape :) It is a really interesting and - odd - project so if there are any questions feel free to ask! Jack Taylor, Year 12, The Kings School, NSW. Teacher: Jayden Taccori