Dave Stanton, Wooden bench plane with jointer fence (Art & Accessories)

The plane is my own design and known as a "Trying plane" purely due to the length of the sole. There are five different timbers from three different continents used. Jarrah for the sole, rock maple for the infill and outer face of the jointer fence, padauk for the sides of the body, figured redgum for the lever cap and Brazillian bloodwood for the internal section of the jointer fence. I purchased the blade, lateral adjustment mechanism and other hardware from Veritas tools. The process incorporated hand tools, power tools and a CNC machine ....and a lot of time. This is not a show pony, it works brilliantly and delivers a very square and flat edge ready for glue up. Video of the build can be seen here. https://youtu.be/Yy0EZjbD7tk