Scott Lipsham, The Murano Bowl (BOWLS, BOXES 2021)

Made from Swamp Ash Burl with Mulga legs this 'bowl' acts as a stand for a Murano Glass Bowl. I'd looked at this burl for quite a few years and it wasnt until my Great Aunty passed away and I claimed her favorite Murano Glass bowl. She would have loved this! It was a bowl without a stand and I had a burl that needed a purpose in life! I turned the bottom of the stand on the lathe. I measured the glass bowl, modelled it on computer and completed the top of the stand on my CNC so the glass bowl sits neatly inset into the stand. I designed the legs, bandsawed them out, handshaped them and then dowelled them into the underneath side of the stand using 3mm threaded rod. The stand is 430mm x 380mm and stands 100mm off the surface. It is finished in Orange Tung Oil.