Harry Da Silva, Side Table/Wine and Drinks Cabinet (Student Awards 2019)

The development of my side board/wine and drinks cabinet, for my Industrial technology - timber products and furniture technologies major, was an intensive but enjoyable learning experience where I effectively planned, researched, designed and finally constructed the cabinet. It is a combination of styles including French provincial (rails), Art Deco (top and drawer face marquetry, and contemporary style (light timber + the decorative trenches in the legs + style of doors). I chose to combine these styles to create an outstanding piece which fit into the style of the household with furniture that is contemporary, with French provincial features. The cabinet was created with electrical tools, including all the joints; e.g. the dovetail of the drawer was created using a router and jig. These tools provided a high quality finish and durability to the joints. I began making the cabinet in February 2019 and finished in August 2019. The cabinet is 1200mm in length, 600mm in width and 900mm in height and is primarily made from Victorian ash; however the detailed marquetry that is the top is a trio of Victorian ash, spotted gum, and karri. I believed these species contained tones and colours that contrast, whilst their similar grain pattern enables them to seamlessly blend, complementing one another to create a stunning design. Also the drawer face is a duo of the Vic ash and spotted gum. Year 12, Port Hacking High School. Teacher: Dan Allouche