Jacob de Dassel, Round Pedestal Dining Table (Student Awards 2019)

For my HSC major work, I chose to design and make a round pedestal dining table. I made my project out of New Guinea rosewood that was sourced ethically by a local hobbyist. The table fits six chairs around it and will provide countless hours of entertainment. The aesthetic of the turned base and ring on the tabletop is one I worked long and hard to achieve and the functionality of the table being round having the ability to fit more chairs than a rectangular table of the same size is another aesthetic greatly thought over. Before beginning work on my project, I made many prototypes on fusion 360 before creating an exact model of the table I hoped to build. To create the outer ring of the table, I needed to design a custom adjustable compass router jig. To make to base, I had to spend hours researching and hone my skills on the lathe. I am very happy with the end result. Date of making: February 2019 - August 2019. Material: New Guinea Rosewood. Dimensions: 740x1200x1200mm. Photographer: Jacob de Dassel. Year 12, St John Paul College Coffs Harbour. Teacher: Lance Smith