Jonathon Towns, Pod Cabinet (Student Awards 2018)

I have created a pod shaped cabinet based off the theme of speed and aerodynamics. The pod cabinet represents several features from inspired shapes such as planes and bullet trains. The research stage provided a platform for the designing stage as elements such as plane shapes provided a basis for design elements to be implemented into the cabinet. The design was produced with several things changing along the way, mistakes occurred and design decisions and challenges were solved as a result of a more practical understanding of the cabinet’s design capabilities, practicality and the theme of supersonic. The pod cabinet was designed and produced to be reflective of a range of different supersonic shapes such as planes, boats, trains and more as these are fast objects. These shapes within the cabinet such as sharp edges and big curves, while being different types of shapes they both represent speed and movement. The use of sharp edges and curves provides balance and contrast. The big sweeping curves and sharp tapering edges provide a connection to precedential research done on fast objects and justifies the connection to the theme supersonic. The lifting of the pod off the legs provides the illusion of the pod floating, this links into the theme supersonic by connection to planes and how they travel through the air un-obstructed. The overall shape of the cabinet provides a fast, sleek, aerodynamic, but a strong aesthetic. The pod cabinet also provides a minimalistic and modern style, achieved with the beautifully simple but rich coloured, Huon pine. Year 12, Hutchins School, Tas. Teacher: Patrick Twyford