Jake Farnan, Custom stave snare drum (Student)

Custom made black walnut stave snare drum, handcrafted with singularly bevelled solid stave pieces in order to allow the snare shell to retain the sonic and vibrational qualities of the original solid material and also provide substantial strength and resilience. The stave snare drum technique that I applied offers more tone and projection than a standard ply snare drum. The drum uses less glue which eliminates the deadening effect of the multiple layers of glue that would be on a standard plywood snare. In addition, it doesn’t suffer from the bending stresses which would occur with a standard plywood shell. This unique design results not only with a more sensitive snare with richer tonal qualities, but a more regal presentation of the wood's natural beauty that ultimately sets the drum apart. This concept resulted with the bearing edges placed on the end grain of the wood which allows for maximum transfer of energy down and through the wood fibres when the drumstick strikes the snare head. The advantages can clearly be heard in the natural dynamic range, resonance and projection that this drum creates. Redlynch State College and my teacher's name is Kristian Slait.