Riley Nichols, Armchair (Student Awards 2018)

I set out to design and manufacture an armchair with a sleek modern aesthetic for my HSC major project. My design was prototyped using both traditional and computer based methods as used in industry. It went through constant evaluation to ensure the chair functioned as intended. The motivation for my project was to demonstrate high level skills and explore timber bending techniques. I intended to create a high quality piece of furniture which utilised sustainably sourced timber in unison with a design that is built to last. Creating this major project was a perfect opportunity to construct a piece of furniture that has become the focal point in my family home. Completing this chair was no easy feat. It required a well formulated plan of action and time management. I completed this in the Freshwater Senior Campus workshop with the aid of my own previous knowledge, necessary research, consultation and advice from my Industrial Technology teacher. Chair design is considered one of the most challenging aspects of furniture design. This is because of a need for chairs to be both functional and ergonomic. Chair design also requires the use of 3D visualization and complex joinery. Prototyping and full scale mock were essential to assess the functionality and structural integrity of my design. A key feature to my design is curved components achieved from re-sawing solid Tasmanian blackwood to create my own timber laminations. This is to add a level of complexity and enhance the aesthetic appearance of my project. Leather upholstery was also included to enhance the comfort and aesthetic of my chair. Year 12, Freshwater Senior Campus. Teacher: Ben Percy