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This July, Jake Rollins, an emerging designer and second year Furniture Studio Associate at JamFactory, will undertake a two-week intensive at Domaine de Boisbuchet as part of their renowned summer workshops program under the scholarship presented in partnership with JamFactory.

“This is without doubt, one of the greatest opportunities of my career so far,” says Jake. “My approach to my practice has always been more conceptual, looking first for something awe-inspiring, and then asking the question, what can I do with this?”

“I see this opportunity as nurturing and expanding my holistic approach to design, and exposing me to new ways of thinking about the integration of nature into my work.”

The scholarship includes return travel to France with all expenses paid and the opportunity to participate in Boisbuchet's renowned Summer Workshops Program. The program invites the most inspiring architects & designers from all over the world, to give a week-long workshop at the Domaine de Boisbuchet, taking into account the inspiring natural environment.

“Jake has a fascinating intrigue for working across disciplines and materials. It is this curiosity that will see him thrive in the experimental environment provided by Boisbuchet,” says Jon Goulder, Creative Director of JamFactory’s Furniture studio.

The partnership between JamFactory and Boisbuchet is kindly supported by William J.S. Boyle through JamFactory's Medici Collective donor program and provides an outstanding opportunity for one of JamFactory's second year Furniture Studio Associates annually from 2017.

JamFactory CEO, Brian Parkes says the partnership with Boisbuchet is a really exciting prospect for JamFactory’s Furniture Studio. “The opportunity for one of our Associates to learn from some of the best international design professionals is second to none and creates a healthy competition within the studio.” says Parkes.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, JamFactory is Australia's leading centre for craft and design. With purpose-built studios for ceramics, glass, furniture and metal design along with exhibiting galleries and retail shops, JamFactory runs a two-year post-tertiary Associate training program to accelerate the careers of emerging artists and designers.

Domaine de Boisbuchet, located in Lessac, France, is Europe's prime destination for design and architecture, and provides hands-on workshops in architecture, design and art for international students and professionals. Workshops have a focus on the integration of nature and the man-made and are complemented with lectures, guided tours of an annually changing exhibition and the site's innovative architectural park, as well as leisure activities.

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