Innovation in design: The Millennials

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Elliot Bastianon, Degree Bench

Opening this Sunday February 14, 2021 the Millennials is a group show of innovative design presented by Rolf Barfoed, Elliot Bastianon and Andrew Carvolth.

The practices of all three individuals are connected by geography, respect and friendship. This exhibition is the first time they have shown work together and stands as a celebration of the new directions and ambitious design practices of the current generation.


Rolf Barfoed, Exo bedside cabinets in progress.

While being versatile with his approach, Barfoed said ‘I’m uninterested in a race to the bottom. It is not possible nor interesting to compete with low grade imported furniture.’ His studio places value on traditionally trained craftspeople and craftsmanship, using modern machinery and the inclusion of highly resolved OEM hardware when suitable.

Elliot Bastianon’s Degree collection is defined by visual lightness, crisp geometry and asymmetric construction methods. Moving away from the usual framework of symmetry, Bastianon explores alternate ways ‘to create structure and stability, while still maintaining a streamlined manufacturing process with practical outcomes’.


The AP Chair is a continuation of Andrew Carvolth’s AP Series and the result of ongoing explorations into mould making, sand casting, and weaving. ‘The AP chair combines two traditional manufacturing methods in an unconventional manner’, he said.

The Millenials exhibition will be displayed at Sturt Gallery, Mittagong, NSW from February 14 to April 4.

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