Generate 2017 at JamFactory

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Above: RAVI by Pantea Roostea in American white oak 

They come from near and far, have already made names for themselves across Australia, are award winning, and gaining some serious traction nationally and internationally. Catch this recent flock before they fly forth, in their joint exhibition to celebrate two years of hard work.

Generate – the curated exhibition of work by associates completing the JamFactory Associate program – is an annual showcase of outstanding work and new ideas. Celebrating JamFactory’s role in nurturing emerging artists and designers, this exhibition is a launch pad for these emerging artists’ businesses as they make the transition into professional practice.


Jake Rollins, Untitled, 2017, rock maple and cord

JamFactory’s acclaimed two-year associate training program is offered in four studio areas: ceramics, glass, furniture and jewellery and metal design. Entry is highly competitive with applicants having typically completed tertiary level study in one of the four areas or a closely related discipline. The associate program aims to provide these talented emerging artists and designers with the technical skills, business knowledge, first-hand experience and professional networks to become successful creative entrepreneurs in their chosen field.

Associates spend half of each week on their own work under the guidance and mentorship of our creative staff. This can include the development of products for retail markets, undertaking private commissions or research for experimentation towards major works for exhibitions and competitions. Visiting artists and designers in residence, tenants in the building and other associates provide additional feedback, critique and peer-to-peer learning.


James Howe, J4 tables, rock maple and acrylic

The remaining half of associates’ time is spent working on commercial, operational or speculative projects for JamFactory. These activities provide valuable hands-on vocational training, and include the design, development and fabrication of JamFactory products; collaborative design and completion of major commissions (including learning how to manage budgets, timelines and client relationships); maintenance of studio equipment; and developing and delivering educational workshops. Practical seminars on marketing and business administration are also conducted throughout the year along with special projects that promote innovative thinking.

Building on strong foundations, this exhibition signifies the take-off for the associates as they extend their network around the globe, while always remaining part of JamFactory’s close knit community.

Generate is curated by JamFactory’s assistant curator Lara Merrington. Exhibition Opening Thursday 7 December, 2017, 6pm. Showing at JamFactory Adelaide from 8 December 2017 – 22 January 2018.

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