Des King's Kumiko book 4 released

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Explained in Book 4, Diamond Patterns, Yae-bishi shokkō

For kumiko aficionados, diamonds may not be your best friends however with the release of Des King's latest book you now have a way to crack the code on making mind-blowing four-way joints while creating some beautiful work.


Book cover featuring the hishi futae kōzu patter.

Shoji and Kumiko Design, Book 4, Diamond Patterns is the latest arrival in Des King's now seminal series. The skills of a surgeon are required to create these quiet masterpieces of repeated geometric patterns which can be used as architectural and furniture features, or stand alone artworks. However in his books Des explains, demonstrates and illustrates processes and patterns with calm and methodical precision. If you are serious about learning this woodworking artform purchasing his books are necessary step.


The new book gives clear instructions on cutting kumiko lattice edges.

Nowadays kumiko making is riding a wave of popularity, however everywhere we mostly see just one example of the multitude of patterns possible. The beautiful asa-no-ha is a good starting point but only the tip of the kumiko iceberg!


 Hishi tombo (dragonfly) and the four-way joint.


The inner workings of the four-way joint, but a jig makes this process very simple.

"The new book covers the diamond kumiko patterns, including the tombo dragonfly pattern and the mind-blowing four-way joint (yotsu-kude)," says Des King. "The 31 patterns in the book range from the quite simple, to the very complex, and present a fascinating challenge to even the most experienced woodworkers. As with the other three books, no special tools are needed for any of the patterns included."

The book is available from Amazon, or directly from Des through his website at


The very challenging mie-bishi tsunagi pattern.

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