How to

Here’s a turning project that shows how to create a fine piece of jewellery.

One board of recycled oregon and a lot of dovetail joints was all it took to make a workshop tool storage box. Story by Raf Nathan.

After taking part in a collaborative event Andrew Potocnik experiments with turned and textured bowls.

Impressions of light filtering through gum leaves inspired Richard Vaughan’s hand-shaped and glass-topped hall table.

'This bowl took the best part of three months to complete and, to this day, remains unchallenged amongst all the bowls I have made for sheer energy-sapping tedium, writes Robert Howard.

A photo essay by David Upfill-Brown on the making of a very complicated piece.

A rocking chair project in the style of Sam Maloof.

Richard Raffan shows how to turn a tool handle, fit a ferrule and hammer the handle home.

Gerrit Rietveld's iconic Red Blue Chair epitomises the imaginative use of standardised components. John Winder explains.

Using Tasmanian blackwood, renowned US Shaker furniture maker and author Kerry Pierce makes a classic ladderback chair.

An insight into the marquetry art of Michael Retter.

This simple wall cabinet design can be decorated in a variety of ways.

Does it work as a furniture finish? Yes, absolutely but it does require maintenance, writes Christopher Schwarz.

Richard Raffan shows how to mark out for and turn bowls with beautiful bark edges.

Built to replace a window, this cabinet was truly built in.