Making a Bronze Scraper Plane

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Wood Review readers may remember Theo Cook, creator of the Japanese inspired sunrise dovetail joint that he wrote about in issue 95 of Australian Wood Review magazine. If you didn’t see that you may have seen the video of that joint going together that went viral on our social media. You can still see it here!

Theo trained at Barnsley workshop, honed his skills and went on to make for a list of illustrious clients. Now, as head tutor at Robinson House Studio in London he teaches fine woodworking to passionate groups of students.

Having made many of his own tools, Theo is also a skilled toolmaker. This video is part one of a series that shows how he made the incredible bronze scraper plane shown here. For the first seven minutes or so he talks about developing the concept and refining the design, and reveals the internal workings. After that follows footage of the processes, noting successes and failures.


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